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Our Mission

Leak-Free Roofs.  Long-Term Client Relationships.

Since 1984, A.C.I. has installed large commercial industrial roofs across the United States.  We have installed watertight roofs from Seattle to Miami, and countless cities and towns in between.  A.C.I. began installing active vented roof systems in 1987. 

We found that the two existing vented roof systems at the time were perfect if all conditions were perfect - if the air seal was perfect and the roof was never punctured. The “margin of error” for the vented roof accepted norm was quite small, and a little wind infiltration would wreak havoc. As we continued to observe vented roof systems, we realized that the practice of venting the wind vortex of a building, which had been accepted for so long, was wrong. Hence, A.C.I. founders coined the phrase: “Don’t Vent the Vortex.”

 A.C.I. uses our patented design. We don’t vent the vortex. Instead we adhere and fasten the entire ASCE7 perimeter area.  So, after decades of real world roofing experience, this is how the VADA Vented Roof System was born (Vent Assisted Design Assembly).  We hold 3 U.S. patents on this incredible system, which has never been damaged by a wind event.  A.C.I. has installed the VADA system on large commercial and industrial projects across the U.S.

Brian in the early days of his career.

 A.C.I. founder Brian Brookheart walking a beam, back in the day…

Our Team

commercial roofer illinois
commercial roofing Illinois
roofing contractor illinois

Brian Brookheart

Brian Brookheart founded A.C.I. in 1984. He has installed leak-free projects from coast to coast, many for repeat clients over decades. He is the inventor of the patented VADA Vented Roof System.  Many Fortune 500 companies have installed the VADA system across the U.S. Brian is an author and speaker. Brian Brookheart (left), receiving the award for achieving Johns Manville Summit Level from good friend Mark Tucker.

Sherry Brookheart VADA Vented Roofs

Sherry Brookheart

Co-Owner and Office Manager

Sherry manages the details of every job from start to finish. She works alongside Brian
in marketing design and trade shows. Clients always love working with Sherry!   

Roofing contractor

Jess Blain

Since 1987, Jess has been responsible for perfect leak-free installations from coast to coast.  Jess’s attention to detail and standard of excellence have been the hallmark of A.C.I. for decades.  And, he is an incredible, loyal friend.


Graphic designer

An incredible man and a person who will remain in our hearts and minds forever.  Meet my dear friend Chuck.  May this video pay tribute to the incredible legacy he left behind. 

Recorded Memorial Day 2021

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