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Client Testimonials

C.S. Wichita Kansas

"A.C.I. consistently delivers true customer service, quality workmanship and materials, and the security of knowing that they are here to help us protect and maintain our assets. Our roofs were done right from the beginning, at a great value. Most importantly, A.C.I. provides peace of mind, which remains priceless."

A.N. Professional Engineer

"I have been in business for about 20 years in Boca Raton and I have walked a lot of roofs. I found your roofing company doing a better job than most of these other roofers. It is really difficult to find a good roofer in South Florida.  I would not hesitate to recommend A.C.I. to my clients."

K.A. Melbourne Florida 

I met Brian Brookheart and A.C.I. Commercial Roofers LLC in 2004 after a hurricane had removed the roof from our business center. A.C.I. was referred to me by a CEO of a roofing manufacturing company. He asked me to contact A.C.I. because he felt that they were one of the top roofing contractors in the U.S.

Within 24 hours of my initial phone call, Brian and a superintendent were in my office, ready to assist. Since that time, I have awarded four major roofing projects to A.C.I. I have found Brian and his company to be thoroughly versed in the intricacies of the roofing industry. Each project was thoughtfully specified and meticulously installed. I can say without hesitation that A.C.I roofing is one of the, if not the best, roofing companies I have ever encountered."  

W.W. Witchita Kansas

"I can count on A.C.I.'s inspections to be true and accurate information, every time! Reading the report is like being on the roof during the inspection process. Nothing is left out and we have confidence that we have created value in our asset."

R.A. St. Louis, MO

"This letter is to say thanks for the great work done by A.C.I. on our 100,000 square feet. Your crew was the most professional, co-operative, and respectful that I have ever contracted with. Our warehouse is not air conditioned, but we found that the temperature is 8 degrees cooler than before. We are pleased with the professionalism, installation, and quality of the product. "

D.J. Oklahoma City, OK

"We recently had our 500,000 square foot manufacturing facility replaced by A.C.I. Commercial Roofers, LLC. We are very pleased with the results. A.C.I.'s team worked very hard and were always flexible working around our production schedule. Their workmanship was excellent and always done in a professional manner. The Carlisle membrane has been a tremendous help in reducing our energy costs in our facility." 

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