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We Offer World Class Roofing Services to Meet Your Needs

Our Services & Systems

At A.C.I., we view our clients as partners. We work together to install roofs that are completed accident-free, on time, on budget, and leak-free. We deliver. Ninety percent of A.C.I. projects are repeat business from prior clients.

PROVEN PROCESS: Each project is managed diligently from day one, and our process is drawn from our decades of commercial roofing experience. Our on-site managers communicate with our clients throughout the project so they are aware of the status at all times.

DEFINED CONDITIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS: It is critical that the proper roof is selected. One that will meet the needs of the client and exceed their expectations. We are experts in the chemistry, physics, and environmental dynamics that cause roofing systems to succeed. Our comprehensive approach determines the proper design for each unique situation.

One of the services that most of our clients utilize is our expertise in evaluating roof conditions and writing technical specifications.

A.C.I. writes the majority of the specifications for the roofs we install. and we help our clients understand their roofing choices so they can make an informed decision.

SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION: During construction and installation, each production step is checked repeatedly by A.C.I. Quality Control Personnel. Before A.C.I. leaves a project, a final detailed inspection is performed. The result of this attention to detail is millions of square feet of leak-free installations.


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Our Energy Efficient Roofs

  • Save Energy 

  • Increase Occupant Comfort

  • Save Money Through Energy Savings 

A.C.I. founder Brian Brookheart holds 3 U.S. Patents for his augmented roof perimeter design. The VADA perimeter holds roofs firmly in place, resisting wind uplift.  

White Reflective Energy Star Rated TM

Roofing products reflect solar rays. If solar energy are not reflected, it heats the roof surface and enters the building as radiant heat. Reflective materials cool the building and reduce energy costs. 

Energy Star Rated TM  products in conjunction with additional insulation provide the greatest savings. 

Energy Calculations

A.C.I. will evaluate your building's current R factor and calculate the energy savings of your

new roof assembly during the warranty period of the roof. 

Infrared Analysis 

 If you are a commercial property owner, we encourage you to hire A.C.I.’s Certified Thermographers to inspect your valuable asset using infrared technology.

Infrared imaging is a non-invasive and non-destructive way to assess the condition of a roof. It is also a very accurate method, and it can detect problems that may not be visible to the naked eye.

We use infrared imaging as part of our regular roof inspections. This allows us to identify any potential problems early on, so that we can take steps to prevent them from becoming major repairs. This is an important investment in the long-term success of your roof.

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